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Luminos Ambiente Flat Line LED flat panel luminaires belong to the category of highly efficient LED luminaires. They are used for illuminating various indoor spaces such as shops, technology rooms, sports halls, production areas, warehouses, offices, apartments, and more. These luminaires achieve exceptional energy efficiency by utilizing the most advanced LED light sources, high-efficiency power supplies, and carefully selected components.
They are also distinguished by their 100% resistance to individual LED light source overheating, high redundancy of power modules, and robust housing made of pure aluminum, coated with high-quality polyurethane paints. The estimated lifespan of the luminaire is a minimum of 12 years. If needed, multiple luminaires can be mounted on the same bracket, using a single power connection and a single dimmable connection.

LED Linijska svetilka - Flatline
LED Linijska svetilka - Flatline


Flat Line

Operating voltage:

AC 230V/50Hz


30 - 80W

Luminous flux:

7850 lm (at 62W and 4000K) 

Luminous efficacy:

125 lm/W

Light distribution:

  • 10/60°

  • 30°

  • 60°

  • 60/120°

  • 120°

Mounting options:

  • Ceiling-mounted

  • Ceiling-mounted/adjustable

  • Suspended

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