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Model: LA-PLT-900W-6000K-R1


Connection: SCHUKO or CEE16A, IP65

Connection voltage: AC 230V/50Hz

Nominal electrical power: 45 - 900W

Luminous flux: 135.000 lm (at 900W)

Angle of light distribution: 60º optics


Dimensions: 1220 x 410 x 410 mm

Weight: 42kg

Wind resistance: 

20m/s without and 30m/s with balast

Luminos Ambiente Portable Lighting Tower is a versatile lighting system equipped with 6 LED lamps, each 150W (optionally 75W). It features a manual rotation mechanism, telescopic extension, and a compact housing, making it the most efficient system of its kind on the market. We use a LED composition developed in Slovenia, which achieves an exceptionally high efficiency of 210lm/W on the LED panel, at a light temperature of 4000K, 5000K, or 6000K.

To ensure optimal performance in extreme conditions such as fires or accidents, the active components, including the LED diodes and power units, are oversized. The design itself allows for quick setup, taking only 30 seconds to 1 minute. The 6 LED floodlights can be manually arranged to provide a 360° circular illumination or a 180° one-directional lighting. The entire set of floodlights can be manually rotated after installation, and the reflectors can also be tilted vertically. The control part of the LED power supply allows for manual adjustment of the electrical power from 45 to 900W (optionally 450W - 72.000lm).

The lighting tower is equipped with fixed standard wheels with a diameter of 120mm, which can be replaced by screwing in case of damage. Optionally, larger wheels (DIA 150mm, DIA 160mm, or DIA 180mm) can be installed.

The entire system is made of aluminum, with the housing featuring a matte black anodized finish and the telescopic part having a matte dark brown anodized finish. This design ensures that the device does not reflect light and reveal its position unnecessarily when illuminated. The lighting section consists of 6 LED floodlights, each with a standard 60° lens. It is possible to combine lenses with angles of 30°, 60°, and 90° according to different requirements. The lenses can be replaced later if needed. The PLT device can be connected using a male CEE16A or SCHUKO IP65 plug

Areas of use:

  • fire and police department interventions,

  • military use,

  • Illumination of larger event areas

  • Illumination of construction sites and daily excavations

  • Interventions in municipal and electrical maintenance works

  • Civil defense

  • Illumination of construction sites

  • Illumination of larger tents

  • Temporary lighting for all types of sports fields, ...

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