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STR ULTRA-HL Reflector

Luminos Ambiente STR ULTRA-HL LED floodlights belong to the category of the most energy-efficient LED luminaires. The production involves the use of the most advanced LED chips (<210 lm/W), in-house developed LED drivers (efficiency >94%), and other high-quality components. The housing is made of aluminum, coated with high-quality UV-resistant polyurethane paints. The luminaires are equipped with highly transparent (95%) tempered glass. The LED luminaires are developed and manufactured by Nanocut Ltd.

They are used for illuminating outdoor areas such as industrial yards, stadiums, sports fields, parking lots, and more. The STR ULTRA-HL model offers a wide range of optics options, including 20°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, and asymmetric road optics. Due to the flexible optics, the luminaires can be mounted at heights of 30 meters and above or used as powerful road luminaires.

LED Reflektor - STR ULTRA


STR Ultra-HL

Operating voltage:

AC 230V/50Hz


110 - 135W

Luminous flux:

17.050 lm (at 110W and 4000K) 

Luminous efficacy:

155 lm/W

Light distribution:

  • 20°

  • 30°

  • 60°

  • 90°

  • 120°

  • Asim.

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