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UVA Crack Detection

Luminos Ambiente UVA/Crack Detection LED luminaire has been specifically designed for high-quality crack testing in metals and ceramics according to ISO 3452/1:2013 standard. It was originally developed for visual testing of forgings in the automotive industry but can also be used for visual inspection of metals and ceramics in other industries.

The LED diodes used in this luminaire have a wavelength of 365nm. Special black filters are mounted on it, allowing only this wavelength of light, which ensures the best possible lalala.

In the 100W spotlight, we use 182 UV LED diodes, which extends the lifespan of the luminaire as each individual LED diode is less burdened. We also employ highly efficient cooling, resulting in the temperature of each LED diode being only 10°C above the ambient temperature, further prolonging its lifespan.


Luminos Ambiente UVA / Crack Detection

Operating voltage:

AC 230V/50Hz



50 or 100W

Luminous flux:

10400 lm (at 65W and 4000K) 

UVA intensity at 35cm:

5000 - 10000μW/cm2

Light distribution:


Operating range:

0 - 50°C


> 20.000h


  • 200*368*125mm (50W model)

  • 368*368*125mm (100W model)

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