O podjetju Nanocut d.o.o.

Podjetje Nanocut d.o.o. je bilo ustanovljeno leta 2014.

Company Nanocut co.ltd. was established in 2014.

In the first two years we were developing, manufacturing and selling many different LED light models. These products with some installation pictures can also be seen on our Nanocut company website www.luminos.si . Thanks to our knowledge of switch mode power supplies (SMPS), we started developing our own LED driver, carefully choosing standard components. After our cooperation with Slovenian Institute Jožef Stefan, where they run the TRIGA Mark II reactor, we finished the testing of our LED driver on gamma doses up to 16 KGy. 

We've also been testing all the components and different models of power supplies for more than two years to get good results. In the end, our LED driver survived for 33 hours inside the TRIGA reactor core, at gamma dose rate of 300-600 Gy.

Engineers in our company have more than 35 years of experience SMPS and more than 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering construction. All this knowledge and experience was needed, because the gamma radiation hardened LED luminaire is not a simple product. We are using our own technology called "DERCCAT". Product developed with this technology must be carefully designed using extensive knowledge of seven physical properties. Diffusion, Emission, Reflection, Conduction, Convection, Absorption and Transparency.​ All these physical properties have effect on heating, efficiency and LED luminaire lifetime. 


The same LED driver, which can survive high gamma doses, is used in all of our products. We can also develop gamma radiation hardened LED luminaires with custom dimensions. The LED driver technology belongs to our company. All other mechanical parts are also developed and manufactured in our company.